What The Crew!

EP.8 - James Morehen ran with the Kenyans

November 04, 2020 Kevin Rusterholz & Wiebke Kasper Season 1 Episode 8
What The Crew!
EP.8 - James Morehen ran with the Kenyans
Show Notes

James Morehen is an exceptional runner that probably still outruns the majority of us while not actively running since 2019. How? Many hours of training. During our interview with James we talked about his journey: delivering papers as a kid, squeezing double runs in as a stock broker until his best Marathon effort of 2:50:13 at 25 years that qualified him for the Boston Marathon. As a gift for this hard effort, he went on a training camp vacation in Kenya.

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Instagram: @jamesmorehen

As mentioned in the show:
Book "Running with the Kenyans"
Running camp "The Kenya Experience" http://www.traininkenya.com/
Boston Marathon https://www.baa.org/races/boston-marathon
Track Mafia https://www.instagram.com/trackmafia_/
UnScared Fitness https://www.unscared.fitness/

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